Tips for Perfect Curtain Bangs with Curly Hair

Curtain bangs are trendy, and we all want to have them. But if you’ve got curly hair, you might be thinking, “Yeah, right. How am I supposed to pull that off?” Curtain bangs with curly hair can seem like a challenge—frizz, uneven curls, and the dreaded poof are just a few of the issues that […]

Top Hair Extension Tips from Hairstyle Experts in Ridgewood

Hair extensions do require a bit of work. They’re not just clip-and-go; they need proper preparation and maintenance to truly shine. In this blog post, we’re going to share valuable tips on how to take care of them. So, whether you’re still contemplating whether to take the plunge or you’ve already gone for it, we’ve […]

Short Hair Highlights: How to Choose the Right Color for You

Choosing the right highlights for short hair isn’t just a matter of preference; it’s an art form. The right highlight can transform your look, enhancing your features and giving your hair dimension that turns heads. On the other hand, the wrong shade can be a glaring mismatch, making your hair appear disjointed and, frankly, a […]

How to Avoid Common Styling Mistakes with Thin Bangs

Thin bangs are not a curse. It’s a unique feature that, when styled correctly, can add a touch of whimsy to your overall look. But is prone to hair mishaps resulting from improper styling. From bangs that look like they’re clinging on for dear life, to those that are more ‘sparse forest’ than ‘lush canopy’, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Styling Layers with Curtain Bangs for Every Face Shape

Soft, flirty, and incredibly versatile, curtain bangs are perfect for any occasion. And when paired with layers? It’s a match made in hair heaven. But here’s the reality – not every hairstyle suits everyone. The reason for this is the face shape. Therefore we have to be careful when choosing a style to make sure […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Dark Curly Hair with Highlights

Woman with wavy hair looking at the camera.

Let’s talk about the crowning glory that is dark, curly hair. The way it bounces with every step, the endless volume, the natural glamour – it’s a head-turner for sure.  But, manage it wrong and you could end up with a frizzy mess that nobody signed up for. And if you’ve taken the bold step […]